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GHS COSHH Symbol Signs - Corrosive

Make others aware of the dangers in their working environment

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From: £10.00 ex. VAT
From: £9.10 ex. VAT ( £10.92 inc. VAT)
  • Easy to apply
  • Universally recognised
  • Vibrant design

The handling of volatile substances that are harmful to both nature and man is a serious issue that demands every precaution be taken. Our safety signs and COSHH symbols will allow you to properly label stored and transported goods.

Designed with a vibrant colour scheme to draw your attention, this safety sticker features the symbol for 'Corrosive Substances'. In line with COSHH regulations, it will allow your business to properly pass key inspections.

Available as a rubber magnet or self-adhesive sticker, the diamond shape is easy to apply in both forms. Ideal for sticking to work sheds, transport vehicles and containers- you'll be able to properly categorise them in no time at all.

Corrosive substances are never be taken lightly, and should only be handled by experienced and qualified employees. Our chemical resistant gloves will offer supreme protection when it's needed the most.

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