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GHS COSHH Symbol Signs - Compressed Gas

Make others instantly aware of dangers in their working environment


From: £10.00 ex. VAT
From: £9.10 ex. VAT ( £10.92 inc. VAT)
  • Easy to apply design
  • Instantly recognisable
  • Complies with current regulations

Properly marking out potentially volatile equipment is essential in any professional workplace. Our safety signs will keep your employees safe, while helping you to organise your specialist items.

Signifying that a cylinder or tank contains compressed gas, this safety sticker comes in a vibrant design that is recognised all over the world. The diamond shape features a clear image surrounded by a red outline.

Available as a self-adhesive sticker or magnetic sign, the versatile design will suit all manner of businesses. Both easy to apply, the simplicity of it all will allow you to label numerous containers in a matter of minutes

When transporting such potentially dangerous substances, it always pays to take precautions at every turn. Our cylinder trucks will allow you to move such items safely and responsibly. Perfect for loading and unloading large shipments.

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