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Easy-to-store Lightweight Folding Toe Sack Trucks

Sturdy, Easy-to-store Folding Toe Sack Trucks with 2 Carrying Capacities


£200.00 ex. VAT ( £240.00 inc. VAT)
  • Easy to store
  • Sturdy but lightweight
  • 2 Carrying Capacities

Our folding toe sack trucks make light work of moving stock around and are ideal for both warehouse or factory. A coated steel tubular frame means they're tough enough to stand up to busy environments whilst the knuckle guard hand grips protect operators' hands against knocks and scrapes.

Our folding toe sack trucks have 2 carrying capacities with a maximum load of 250kg, yet weigh in at just 12kg allowing for easy and neat storage in a van or car. If you need to move heavier loads, our heavy-duty folding sack truck can take loads of up to 400kg. If you need to transport goods over uneven ground, our rough terrain sack trucks are also worth considering.

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