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Lightweight Fibreglass Folding Access Ramps

Provide easy access over your door frames for those with disabilities


From: £442.70 ex. VAT ( £531.24 inc. VAT)

  • Folds conveniently into a briefcase shape for easy handling
  • Comes with safety sides and anti-slip surfaces to prevent falls
  • Folds three ways over for compact storage

As an employer, you will have certain obligations to fulfil regarding access to your premises for all people. Those with disabilities will often rely on a wheelchair to move around freely, so you should provide adequate access ramps for tackling protruding door frames, or for easy access into vehicles. These folding access ramps offer the ideal solution to all sorts of access requirements. The folding ramps are an ideal temporary and mobile solution; they can be placed easily over any door frame or step so that wheels can glide over them with ease. The ramps can be easily transported too; made from an extra lightweight fibreglass, they are light to carry whilst still remaining hard-wearing and durable for long term usage. They also have a honeycomb aluminium interior, contributing to their lightweight yet high quality feel.

The access ramps can be folded three times across their 710mm width, making them an easy size and shape to carry, and come with the added benefit of a built-in handle, enabling them to be carried like a simple briefcase whenever they are needed. When not in use, the ramps take up very little storage space due to their compact folding positions, making them ideal for workplaces where space is tight. For safety of use, the disabled access ramps also come with safety side edges to prevent the wheelchair from veering off course, as well as an anti-slip surface for extra safe usage.

Make sure your business is fully prepared to offer access to anyone. Our range of access equipment will ensure that your workplace is non-discriminatory, ensuring that those with all levels of mobility are able to enter and exit with ease.

If you have a temporary to permanent need to provide disabled access over protruding door frames, this folding threshold ramp provides another solution; it can be placed over the door frame to offer easy access on both sides, and can be left in place for however long you require it.

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