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Lockable Flammable Substance Storage Chest

Keep flammable liquids safe in this secure, portable container


£435.00 ex. VAT ( £522.00 inc. VAT)
  • Leak-proof sump base can be removed for easy cleaning
  • Can be used outdoors, if sheltered
  • Coated in flame-retardant polyester

Keeping flammable substances safe and secure is an essential priority when it comes to health and safety standards. A suitable container stops unauthorised personnel accessing hazardous materials and stops liquids from igniting in the event of a fire - a potentially disastrous situation. If you need to store large quantities of flammables, we stock a walk-in flammable store, which will provide fantastic security, safety and convenience for greater stocks. For smaller amounts, this storage chest could be your ideal choice.

The strong, durable 16-gauge steel chest is coated in polyester, a naturally flame retardant substance. This combination means the unit will stand up to heavy use and keep its contents secure, whilst ensuring they are safe in the event of a fire. The red colour of the chest signifies danger, helping to make people aware of the risks of the substances it holds. On the lid, the Conditions of Licence for Petroleum Spirits document is displayed, so it can always be found in a useful and relevant place.

The sump base is leak-proof, so if there are any leaks or spills inside, they will be contained. The base can then be removed for easy cleaning without having to empty the contents of the storage locker. This also means that, if one particular product inside leaks, it is less likely to damage others as its contents will drain away downwards.

To keep the contents secure and limit who can access them, this chest has hasp and staple locking included, and can be secured with a padlock for additional safety.

Make sure workers are fully aware of the risk from flammable materials in the area by displaying our pack of flammable substance safety signs clearly and prominently.

Additional Information

Brand Elite lockers
Finish Polyester Coated
Material 16 Gauge Steel
Size (H x W x D) 685 x 915 x 635 mm
Specifications / Characteristics Hasp & Staple locking plus 2 carrying handles
Sump Capacity 75 L
Supplied in Single

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