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Fire Resistant Spray

Spray capable of protecting several materials from fire threat.


From: £16.99 ex. VAT ( £20.39 inc. VAT)
  • Effective with range of water absorbent materials
  • Use on carpets and curtains
  • One litre covers 10-12m²

For owners of commercial properties, the threat of fire is one of the most pressing concerns when considering health and safety. For this reason, it makes sense to ensure that any material which is deemed at particular risk in the event of a fire is safeguarded as much as is possible.

Fire resistant spray works with water absorbent materials that are under particular threat in the event of a fire, such as cotton, polyester, wool and nylon, meaning it is suitable for use on curtains and carpets, as well as rugs. These are all household items which can present a high risk in terms of worsening a fire which is in the process of spreading.

Using a formula which is flame retardant, this fire resistant spray is both odourless and colourless, as well as being non-toxic.

How does it work? The spray gets to work creating a layer which is fire retardant - you won't be able to see it, but when it is exposed to heat the chemicals present form a carbonised shield which is resistant to the spread of flames.

Depending on the requirements of the users, the fire resistant spray - which has passed clinical tests including both BS5852:1990 and BS5867: Part 2 1980 - is available in two sizes. One bottle will go a long way, as a litre covers an area of 10-12m², giving cleaning managers and heads of procurement a sizable return on investment.

The fire resistant spray is just one product in the complete Safety Shop range of high level cleaning products, which meet all manner of cleaning and safety requirements.

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