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Internationally recognised identifier for fire fighting equipment

Durable, highly visible health & safety equipment signs


From: £7.99 ex. VAT
From: £6.47 ex. VAT ( £7.77 inc. VAT)
  • Made from durable materials and features printing and graphics that are designed to last
  • Can be used as part of a comprehensive fire-fighting system
  • Easily understood combination of symbols and text

Ensuring that your premises, work space or site comply with relevant health & safety legislation is vital for the safety of workers, visitors and customers. Appropriate fire prevention and protection measures are a key requirement in every setting, which is why these versatile fire equipment labels are always in demand. Each fire fighting notice is clearly marked with symbols that comply with relevant UK legislation. The uniformity of the layout, colours and graphics on all our fire-related signs enables site users to understand where fire assistance can be obtained if required. The highly visible colour contrasts and simple yet effective symbolism combine to form a sign that gets the right message across to a wide audience.

The signs for fire fighting equipment are part of our range of fire emergency signs. The graphics and colours used are consistent across the full range of signs, so whether site users are looking for fire points, a fire hose reel or a sprinkler control value, the shape and colour of the signs make it clear that fire fighting information or assistance is available at these points, even at a distance.

Each fire equipment notice is available in self-adhesive form, enabling easy application to interior walls or other smooth surfaces. If the equipment is to be placed out of doors or in another location where there isn't a suitable surface for a notice to adhere to, rigid, non-adhesive versions are available which can be fastened to a post, pole, fence or similar. The fire notices are made from tough plastic or vinyl. These materials are immune to the effects of moisture and can withstand large temperature changes. They are also resistant to chemicals and the detrimental effects of UV light.

If you need a convenient, robust solution to your fire information system and want high-caliber products that comply with all relevant legislation, these fire fighting equipment signs could be a wise investment.

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