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Additional protection for your fire fighting equipment

Easy-to-remove, durable covering for fire extinguishers


From: £14.99 ex. VAT ( £17.99 inc. VAT)
  • Comes with hand loops so that the cover can be rapidly removed when necessary
  • Protects extinguishers from dirt, debris, wear and tear
  • Clear front panel ensures easy identification

Just like any other piece of equipment, it's important that fire extinguishers are kept free from the dirt or dust that can potentially impede performance. Unfortunately, because extinguishers aren't used regularly, it's all too easy for them to be forgotten about and left to gather dust. In addition, their accessible location, often along corridors or in high traffic areas, makes them particularly vulnerable to knocks, bumps and dents. Even if the integrity of the extinguisher is maintained, a scratch can remove some of the printed instructions, creating a hazard. To help keep your fire extinguishers in peak condition, fire extinguisher covers are a great solution.

Manufactured from high-grade polyester that's backed with PVC for added durability, these handy covers can be easily fitted over most standard size extinguishers, including foam fire extinguishers, wet chemical extinguishers and powder fire extinguishers. The clear panel on the cover allows users to quickly see what type of extinguisher is beneath, as well as other important safety information.

If required, the covers for fire extinguishers can be printed with your corporate logo or other message. Customization can add value to your workplace environment, as well as provide good brand reinforcement. Not only do the extinguisher coverings keep dust and dirt from collecting, they also help to prevent accidental damage and protect the appliance from spills. The material is water-resistant and can cope with normal external temperatures. Tough stitching and high-quality finishing ensures this fire extinguisher cover is built to last. The inside of the cover is designed to provide safe contact with the extinguisher.

For companies that are currently updating their fire prevention equipment, it may well be worth investing in suitable fire extinguisher location signs, to ensure personnel or site visitors are clear where your fire fighting equipment is located. We also stock fire extinguisher brackets and stands, which can be just the thing to ensure your extinguishers are securely and appropriately stored until needed.

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