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Highly Visible Anti-Slip Outdoor Rubber Cable Protector

Prevent slips, trips and shocks when using cables and hoses outdoors


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  • Tread plate surface reduces the risk of slips
  • Black and yellow design for increased visibility
  • Top opens up for easy access to cables

When using cables outdoors, there are a few potential dangers you should be aware of so that you can minimise the risks. Whether it's an outdoor event, a construction site, or you need to run cables around a building for any reason, you need to be sure that no accidents will be caused by people tripping over them or being shocked. It's also important to be certain that the measures you put in place to protect cables won't cause further hazards by being slippery or increasing the tripping risk. This cable protector delivers on all fronts, making outdoor cables as safe as possible.

The protector is made from tough, durable rubber, which is non-conductive to protect people against shocks. Its surface has an anti-slip tread plate surface and it's designed in black and yellow for extra visibility, which helps to prevent people tripping over it. It's suitable for either pedestrian or vehicular traffic, and it protects the cables beneath as much as it does those walking or driving over it. In car parks and on roads, you can combine traffic calming measures with cable safety by using our speed bump cable cover.

This cable protector is quick and easy to put into place, and multiple units can be connected end-to-end to get the perfect length for your needs. The pieces lock together securely and stay firmly wherever you put them. It has three channels inside to house hoses and cables with widths up to 63.5 millimetres. The top of the protector opens up for easy access once in place, so there's no need to lift up the whole unit any time cables need to be checked, replaced or added.

If you're planning an outdoor event or have dangerous cables in place during work, our safety barriers are a highly effective way to keep staff and members of the public safe and restrict access to private areas.

Additional Information

Size (H x W x L)
Application Protect cables from pedestrians and traffic
Application Area Indoor and Outdoor
Channel Width 63.5 mm
Colour(s) Yellow/Black
Description Black sides with yellow strip
Material Non-conductive Rubber
Product Description Rubber Cable Protector
Supplied in Single
Type 3 Channels (widths 63.5mm)
Weight 10 kg
Size (H x W x L) 89 x 597 x 990mm

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