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Highly Visible Extending Barrier Poles for Traffic Cones

A simple, easy to set up barrier for car parks, roads, paths and more

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£21.20 ex. VAT
£19.29 ex. VAT ( £23.15 inc. VAT)
  • Available in two high-visibility colour options
  • Suitable for use with two traffic cones of virtually any type
  • Lightweight, easily portable, and easy to set up

If you operate a car park, either for public or private use, or your business premises includes any other area with traffic, having a way to set up a barrier quickly can be incredibly useful. There are a lot of different temporary barrier systems available, but this product combines convenience with ease of use for a compact but reliable way of cordoning off certain areas.

Consisting of an extendible pole, this barrier is designed to be used with two traffic cones of virtually any type, which makes it useful if you already have cones in stock for other situations. The pole can be adjusted to the length you need, up to 2100 millimetres, and a loop on either end lets you fit it securely over the top of your cones. The whole process of setting up a barrier is incredibly quick and simple, which makes it ideal for use in unexpected situations. If you want to cordon off larger areas or create circular boundaries, more cones and poles can be used together for a versatile and secure barrier option.

The barrier pole is available in either black and yellow or red and white designs, both of which are highly visible, increasing the effectiveness and safety. It's also reflective, which helps ensure it's seen if the light is low and drivers are using their headlights. If you want to increase visibility further, our mounting bracket lets you fix an amber light to the top of a traffic cone, which is excellent for night time use.

When you're not using it, the pole can be collapsed to its minimum length and stored in a compact space. Its lightweight construction makes it easy to carry to wherever it's needed and can be put in and taken out of storage with minimal effort. It's suitable for use indoors or outdoors, and its durable construction makes it long-lasting and tough. An alternative that may be especially useful indoors is the Tensacone barrier unit, which has a retractable webbing barrier that can be mounted on top of traffic cones.

Additional Information

Product Description Extending Barrier Cone Poles
Size Extendable from 1100 to 2100mm

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1 year ago

Service: Good service, prompt delivary, quality product.

Product: Does what it says, effective and visible adjunct to cones.

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Service: Very prompt

Product: Very good and useful for our needs

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Service: fast delivery and great quality

Product: Perfect for what we required

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Service: Great response

Product: Excellent

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