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Epoxyshield Concrete Crack Repair Filler

The simple and speedy way to fix cracks in concrete


£25.70 ex. VAT ( £30.84 inc. VAT)
  • Non-shrinking formula without solvents
  • Sets rock hard in just a few hours
  • Easy to mix and ready to use quickly

Concrete can crack over time, particularly in hectic workplaces with heavy machinery and vehicles moving around frequently. If left, it can gradually become worse, but fixing it to prevent further damage is quick and easy, and doesn't need to be a big hassle. If your concrete has become damaged beyond small cracks, our heavy duty repair epoxy mortar is great for filling in large gaps and creating a safe surface again, but for smaller cracks this fine crack filler is ideal.

The filler comes as a two-part product which is simply mixed together to form the complete filling substance. It's supplied in sections clearly marked A and B, for extra ease of use. Once mixed, it's ready to repair concrete simply by carefully pouring it into small cracks. The filler sets in just three to four hours, leaving a surface as hard as the surrounding concrete. It can then be further treated or coated to leave a surface as good as new, or if the visibility of the repairs is not an issue, simply left.

Concrete situated indoors or outdoors can be repaired with this product, and it will withstand weathering just as well as the concrete itself. Carrying out repairs with it is an amazingly fast process and can potentially save a lot of time, money and hassle if cracks are left to spread, meaning that concrete would need to be repaired by a specialist or sections of it would need to be fully replaced.

Potholes are more serious than small cracks and can be a safety hazard as well as presenting problems for vehicles. Repair them easily with our highly effective instant pothole repair kit, with everything you need to do the job yourself.

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