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Secure Electronic Key Boxes

High-security key safe with an electronic lock to prevent theft


From: £105.00 ex. VAT ( £126.00 inc. VAT)
  • High-security electronic lock to protect your keys
  • Contains keyrings and coloured tags
  • Heavy duty and secure

Our electronic key boxes are a vital weapon in the fight against crime. Fitted with a high security electronic lock and key deposit facility, they provide an excellent defence to prevent the theft of keys.

Bolted to the wall, the heavy duty electronic key box is secure and safe. It comes complete with a selection of coloured tags and keyrings on which to hang your keys. The electronic key boxes also feature easy-to-view dividers and separators so that your keys can be organised properly.

The key cabinets are secured by an electronic lock. They can be set to open by using your own chosen PIN code. The high-security entrance system, plus the heavy duty design of the key boxes, makes them virtually impenetrable.

Too many businesses today rely on an old-fashioned log book to record details of which keys have been taken and by whom. In today's digital age, this arrangement can be inefficient and unreliable. It can also make tracing missing keys an extremely difficult task.

Thanks to the electronic key boxes, only authorised personnel who have permission to take the keys will be able to do so, ensuring the system is secure and properly managed, with every key accounted for. Staff members who are authorised to use particular keys will be able to access those that they need, without any risk of personnel who don't have permission taking keys.

The electronic key boxes can be used to provide access to buildings, secure areas, various facilities, equipment, vehicles and machinery. Never forget that keys are one of every organisation’s most vital assets and should be treated as such.

We also stock lockout key cabinetsthat will hold up to 108 keys.

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3 years ago

Service: Safety shop were helpful and completed the order promptly. They were also helpful when having an issue with the item delivered. Disputed the issue but were nice aboutOur response: Thank you for your valued feedback. We are pleased to hear that you would rate the service you received as good. Having looked into the circumstances surrounding your order, we understand that the product had been quality checked and boxed prior to its despatch. The type of damage that was reported and illustrated by photographs, unfortunately could not have occured in transit, and thus in this instance it was deemed that the damage had taken place after it was delivered. If you would like to discuss any aspect of this with our customer service team, please do not hesitate to contact us on our free phone number: 0800 585 501. Once again may we thank you for taking the time to send us your feedback.

Product: Item arrived damaged and was not replaced. Had to be repaired in house .

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