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Economy step pedal operation containers

Hygienic, wipe clean polypropylene containers with foot pedal operation


From: £54.99 ex. VAT ( £65.99 inc. VAT)
  • White polypropylene container
  • Food pedal operation for hygienic access
  • Choice of lid colours for convenient colour-coding

These durable polypropylene containers are ideal for a wide variety of uses where hygienic access is necessary. The foot pedal operations means there is no need to touch the container lid and ensures that the lid is easily opened and properly closed after access if the user has their hands full. Polypropylene is a strong and hygienic material, and the containers can easily be wiped clean if they become soiled, which is ideal if you will be using the containers for waste items.

Although all the containers are white, you can choose from a variety of colours for the lid. This allows you to colour-code containers for separating out different waste types. Since the containers are lightweight they may not be suitable for outdoor environments in which it may become windy - instead, check our range ofoutdoor bins for alternative waste solutions suitable for use outside.

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