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Reliable, versatile Easiplaster

A comfortable and easy-to-use alternative to conventional plasters


£5.95 ex. VAT ( £7.14 inc. VAT)
  • Perfect for treating minor injuries
  • Easy tear material to help get the right size
  • Stretchy fabric for flexibility

When it comes to treating minor cuts and injuries, the highly versatile Easiplaster from Safetyshop is ideal. Its easy, fuss-free application means you can treat injuries quickly, while the easy-tear material it is made from enables you to cut plasters to any shape and size your require. The handy box acts as a dispenser to tear the roll of plaster, meaning there’s no need for scissors and the application process is swift and effective. When used with our antiseptic wipes, you can ensure all wounds are clean and disinfected before the Easiplaster is applied, reducing the risk of infection.

The fabric is also washproof and highly flexible, meaning easy application and greater freedom of movement once the plaster is in place – perfect for all manner of challenging working conditions. Thanks to their adhesive free backing, they do not grip directly to the skin, hair or wounds themselves, but instead the plaster adheres to itself. This means that while they are secure and protecting the wound for as long as you need them, they are also easy to remove.

As well as containing blood loss from minor cuts, Easiplaster is also highly absorbent and will contain severe bleeding from more serious injuries. Simply apply a second or third layer of plaster and press together to create a seal over more significant wounds. Blood loss from fingers and hands where the skin is particularly thin can be significant and prolonged, but the stretchy, highly absorbent material of these plasters makes them ideal for injuries to hands, fingers, arms or legs.

Easiplaster is an essential addition to any home or workplace first aid kit, enabling you to treat minor injuries quickly and effectively at the same time as minimising the impact on your working day. If you feel you need a more substantial medical kit to be prepared for any potential scenarios, browse our first aid kits to see what suits your needs most.

Additional Information

Colour(s) Purple
Description Easiplaster and Dispenser
Size (W x L) 60 mm x 5 m
Supplied in Roll of 5m

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