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Easy-to-clean duo hygiene bucket

Innovative plastic bucket that keeps dirty and clean liquids apart


£10.25 ex. VAT ( £12.30 inc. VAT)
  • Easy to empty and clean
  • Can hold up to 14 litres of water
  • Separates dirty and clean liquids with ease

Workplace floors must be cleaned regularly to keep up appearances and remain as hygienic as possible. However, using a traditional mop and bucket often results in the same old dirty water being spread around the area which is less than ideal.

Our duo hygiene buckets can hold up to 14 litres of water. Their innovative design, with separate sections for dirty and clean liquids, will help to ensure the water being used is always fresh and unsullied.

Made from durable grey plastic, each bucket features a pouring spout and handle, making them extremely easy to empty and clean.

After mopping your workplace floors, don’t forget to use our plastic ‘wet floor’ sign stands, which will help to warn visitors and employees of any potential slipping hazards.

Additional Information

Capacity 14 Litre
Colour(s) Grey
Description Duo Hygiene Bucket
Specifications / Characteristics Ideal for keeping clean and dirty water seperate
Supplied in Single

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