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Disabled Parking '£50 Fine' Warning Signs

Ward off potential parking offenders by providing clear on-site messaging


From: £13.95 ex. VAT ( £16.74 inc. VAT)
  • Spell out your parking policy with a warning
  • Clear and prominent messaging
  • Keep disabled bays free for those that genuinely need them

So often, the best on-site parking policies are ones which make regulations as clear as possible to drivers. These '£50 Fine' warning signs for disabled parking act as a deterrent for those in a rush that might be tempted to park in disabled bays, or those that don't spot the floor markings. As essential to employees as they are to customers and visitors, this prominent instruction sign, made from weather resistant material, can address the issue of nuisance parking.

Get your organisation's car park organised by choosing from our range of site parking signs, designed to deliver notifications, warnings and directions.

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