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Zinc demountable roll pallets with mesh option

Detachable sides for compact storage


From: £142.00 ex. VAT ( £170.40 inc. VAT)

  • Reinforced wire base
  • 2 fixed and 2 swivel castors
  • Can be steam cleaned or pressure washed

Roll pallets are a convenient way to move fairly large items or larger quantities of smaller units. To get the most out of using them, though, it's important to consider all the factors that have gone into their construction and design, as models such as this one have been built to be more functional and durable than more basic types.

The reinforced wire base is strong enough to hold the cage's contents securely, even if piled up directly on to it. Fitting some optional roll pallet shelves, however, prevents tall piles of boxes from toppling over, and maximises safety and capacity.

The wheels consist of a pair of fixed nylon castors and a pair of swivel ones with roller bearings, which provides easy manoeuvrability, even when the pallet is loaded up with heavy stock; there's nothing worse than loading up a roll pallet only to find it won't budge!

If you need to prevent unauthorised access to the pallet's contents, the mesh option can be padlocked. Both types can be steam cleaned or pressure washed for a simple method of keeping them clean or hygienic. This is particularly useful if you need to use them for moving items that may leak, such as various food items or liquid containers.

Storage space needed to keep more than one of these pallets is kept to a minimum, as the rod infill sides are detachable, so the pallets can be pushed closely together with ease. When you need to use one, it's straightforward and quick to get them set up again, ready to be filled.

When handling roll pallets, there is a risk of injury to hands, so make sure you and your employees are properly protected with our cut and abrasion resistant gloves.

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