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Deluxe twisted barrier ropes

Different coloured ropes for use with a post barrier system.


From: £61.55 ex. VAT ( £73.86 inc. VAT)
  • Choose between blue, black and burgundy ropes
  • Brass or chrome snap ends available
  • Add a touch of class to any queuing area or entrance

Queue management systems are important for many businesses and venues, helping to keep customers in line and headed in the right direction at all times with minimal effort or fuss.

However, just because they’re barriers doesn't mean they have to look ugly and unattractive.

Our twisted barrier ropes immediately showcase their deluxe nature and are available in blue, black and burgundy with brass or chrome snap ends.

They will add a touch of class to any respectable venue, from a cinema foyer to a member’s only lounge, ensuring all visitors form a positive first impression.

Our deluxe twisted barrier ropes are best used with our rope & post barrier system. Combined, they offer a versatile, stylish and cost-effective queue management system for indoor use that is quick and easy to install.

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Brand Tensabarrier®

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