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DBX Safety Knife with Built-in Tape Cutter

Knife with built-in tape cutter and protective beak for added safety


From: £4.99 ex. VAT ( £5.99 inc. VAT)
  • Built-in safety features including a cartridge to encase the blade and protective beak to keep it concealed
  • Tape cutter for easy opening of sealed boxes
  • Blade snapper breaks off blade and retains broken segments within the cartridge

The DBX Safety Knife and blade cartridge is the safest knife on the market, ensuring a high level of protection without compromise to its cutting edge versatility. The knife is used in the same way as a traditional open blade knife but features an innovative cartridge that encases the blade while the protective beak keeps the blade concealed at all times. The user must simply press the safety button to release the beak and then lock the beak back into place when the cutting task is complete.

The maximum blade depth can be ‘factory set' to offer greater control and the knife is ergonomically designed with the needs of the user in mind. It also has the added bonus of being truly ambidextrous; users can press either or both of the side buttons to release the beak.

The product features a strong loop for attachment to a lanyard. Don’t leave your knife lying around – with our Flexible Coil Lanyard you can attach yours safely to your belt loop.

The DBX Safety Knife also has a built-in tape cutter to help the user open sealed boxes without damaging the products inside. The product is perfect for busy warehouses, for places of work and even to fulfil your needs at home.

The replaceable blade cartridge ensures the user is never exposed to the sharp blades. The built-in snapper breaks off the blade and retains the broken segments within the cartridge.

We also have other safety knife options available including the Spring Back Safety Knife, which features a blade that automatically retracts after use.

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