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'Danger Moving Machinery' Warning Sign

Eye-catching sign that warns people of moving machinery


From: £5.99 ex. VAT
From: £5.45 ex. VAT ( £6.54 inc. VAT)
  • Conforms to workplace health and safety regulations
  • Made from rigid plastic or smooth vinyl
  • Durable sign can be used indoors or outdoors

In workshops and warehouses where there is moving machinery present, it is essential to warn people of the dangers when in the vicinity. Health and safety regulations now state that adequate warning signs must be displayed in prominent positions where there is a potential danger to workers and visitors. Our 'Danger Moving Machinery' sign is highly visible and can be placed wherever there’s a potential danger.

Our danger sign, also known as a machinery warning sign, comes in a choice of two different materials: a smooth vinyl or a durable plastic. This ensures that it is suitable for use in a range of conditions – whether for an indoor or outdoor location. It can also be easily fixed to almost any flat surface, and is eye-catching from considerable distances. The extra large exclamation mark on our workplace warning sign is a well-known symbol for potential danger, so will be easily recognised by both your staff and visitors.

In addition to our machinery warning sign, we stock a broad range of signs designed to alert staff to a variety of different hazardous situations. For workplaces where radiation is a possible danger, our 'Radiation controlled area' signs can be placed in various positions to remind people to take extra care.

There are all sorts of instances that require signage within a workplace. For construction sites, for example, helmets are mandatory; our 'Safety helmets must be worn' signs are a reminder to staff and visitors entering these areas.

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