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Translucent Crysclear® protectors for cables

Easily identify and protect cables and make them less hazardous in the workplace


From: £17.25 ex. VAT ( £20.70 inc. VAT)
  • Unobtrusively blend into the surrounding environment
  • Perfect to cover multiple, domestic, communications and telephone cables
  • Two different styles available

Cable protectors are important for all businesses, allowing the use of electrical equipment without causing a shock or trip hazard. The one downside to traditional cable protectors is that it can become difficult to locate a specific cable when necessary.

Our translucent Crysclear® cable protectors will make this problem a thing of the past. As well as making it easy to identify cables, they also work excellently with LED modules due to their ability to blend into floor coverings unobtrusively. There are two different styles available, the first with a channel measuring 14mm and the second with a channel measuring 30mm.

For the temporary covering of loose wires and cables, our non-permanent temporary cable protection/hazard tape allows cables ‘free passage’ without leaving sticky residue or causing damage. It’s also highly visible, featuring an eye-catching yellow and black design accompanied by a clear warning message.

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