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Sign with words and graphic indicating safety shower point

Mark the location of a safety shower in case of emergency

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From: £10.50 ex. VAT
From: £9.56 ex. VAT ( £11.47 inc. VAT)
  • Easy to read words and clear symbols
  • Available in different materials and sizes
  • Perfect for clearly marking safety shower locations

Construction and building sites are often filled with hazardous substances which must be dealt with carefully and safely. Unfortunately, accidents can happen. Therefore, it’s important to be prepared in case someone comes into contact with a hazardous substance.

Safety showers are essential in such environments, allowing people to quickly wash away any substances they may have been contaminated with. Our temporary ‘safety shower’ construction signs match strong visuals with bold writing to ensure the location of the nearest safety shower is always clear in an emergency situation.

If you’re looking to purchase a new safety shower for your construction or building site, our easy to assemble Hughes safety showers are ideal for site work, helping to minimise damage caused by hazardous substances and featuring high flow rates, which comply with both EU and ANSI guidance.

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