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Durable polyester pipemarkers for condensate gas

A simple, fully compliant system for labelling exposed pipes

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From: £77.75 ex. VAT ( £93.30 inc. VAT)
  • Resistant to chemicals and scratches
  • Colour-coded according to standard system
  • Easy to apply

Pipemarkers are a simple way to label exposed pipes in order to show information on the substances they carry. This is a legal requirement and makes it easier and safer for those carrying out maintenance and repairs on or near the pipes.

This particular pipemarker is for use on pipes carrying condensate gas and is colour-coded according to the standard European system in place for categorising pipe labels. This ensures your legal obligations are met, and enables quick recognition by workers and other personnel.

Made from durable laminated polyester, the pipemarkers are resistant to damage from scratches and scrapes, in addition to many chemicals. This makes them ideal for use in areas where people and equipment may frequently scrape past the pipes, or where there is a risk of chemical splashes or spills.

To help you label all of your pipes and comply with the law, our selection of pipemarkers is a simple solution.

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