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Slip-reducing asphalt/concrete ColourSafe surface paint

Colourful and essential anti-slip paint for outdoor surfaces


£217.30 ex. VAT ( £260.76 inc. VAT)
  • Available in four eye-catching bright colours
  • No specialist workers required: easy to apply by all
  • Ideal for a variety of high-traffic areas

If there is an area on your property that faces constant footfall or cycling, or even if you just own a car parking area, this anti-slip paint is an aesthetically pleasing and necessary solution to easily mark out areas whilst ensuring they are safe to withstand the high volume of usage. If you're on a budget in particular, this paint is a great option, as it is traditionally far less expensive than other non slip systems.

Choose between black, yellow, red, or blue, depending on which best suits your colour coding requirements, in order to implement an easy and effective anti-slip area, whether for cars, people, or bicycles. This paint isn't suitable for uncompacted asphalt, but if the surface is concrete or compacted asphalt, ColourSafe anti-slip surface paint is an easy choice.

If you need more surface marking solutions, Safetyshop's thermoplastic road marking system is a reliable selection, with a vast variety of road marking options to choose from.

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