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Complete CO2 fire extinguisher kit with sign

A CO2 fire extinguisher with everything you need to display it effectively

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From: £43.99 ex. VAT ( £52.79 inc. VAT)
  • Suitable for electrical and class B fires
  • Includes sign, inspection labels and seal
  • Save money and effort by getting everything together

A carbon dioxide fire extinguisher gives you a way to tackle class B and electrical fires before they get out of hand and become even more dangerous. With this kit, you not only get a CO2 fire extinguisher in your choice of size to suit your business, but everything you need to display it effectively, ensuring high safety standards are maintained.

The extinguisher comes with a sign which shows the type of fire extinguisher, plus information on the types of fires it can be used for. A set of inspection labels is included to help you carry out regular checks on the fire extinguisher, ensuring it's ready for use if needed. Finally, the kit includes a seal to show that the unit hasn't been tampered with between inspections.

If a water-based fire extinguisher is more suitable for your business, we stock a water fire extinguisher kit.

Cabinets and stands are available for the safe storage of your fire extinguisher.

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