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Stylish Chichester sloped bollard in stainless steel

Long-lasting stainless steel bollard with sloped design


From: £336.60 ex. VAT
From: £306.31 ex. VAT ( £367.57 inc. VAT)
  • Stainless steel, sloped design
  • Easy-to-install
  • Can be permanently installed or surface-mounted

Bollards are highly effective at keeping vehicles away from pedestrianised areas such as outdoor shopping areas and town centres. They also serve as a strong visual deterrent to keep people from walking in the street. This is vital where there are large amounts of people to keep serious accidents from happening.

Our stylish Chichester stainless steel bollard with sloped design can be implemented in such areas without ever running the risk of creating an eyesore. Not only are they extremely functional, they serve a highly positive aesthetic purpose too.

Easy-to-install and standing 900mm tall, they can be concreted 300mm into the ground. Alternatively, they can be installed using a surface-mounted ground plate.

For areas where permanently placed bollards aren’t practical, our heavy duty removable bollard will allow you to block cars and still create immediate access whenever it’s required.

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Brand Chichester

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