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Weather-Resistant Aluminium 'CCTV In Operation' Sign

A durable outdoor sign to deter undesirable activities


From: £57.25 ex. VAT
From: £52.10 ex. VAT ( £62.52 inc. VAT)
  • Strong, rust-resistant aluminium
  • Standard colours and symbol for easy recognition
  • Fixing channels included on reverse

Installing a CCTV system on your business premises is an excellent way to find and catch anyone who carries out illegal or otherwise unwanted activities. If you do use CCTV to monitor specific areas, it's a legal requirement that you inform anyone who may be seen by cameras that the system is in operation. Not only does this sign help you fulfil your legal obligations, it also acts as an effective deterrent to criminal behaviour by warning that the area is being monitored.

This sign is designed in highly visible yellow and black, which is an instantly-recognisable colour scheme for warning signs. In addition to the text, the inclusion of the universal CCTV symbol ensures the sign will be easily understood. Constructed from strong, rust-proof aluminium, the sign is suitable for outdoor use year-round.

An alternative to installing a full CCTV system is fitting a realistic dummy camera, which increases the effectiveness of the deterrent.

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