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Colour-Coded 'Building Materials' Recycling Point Sign

Help people sort construction waste efficiently for recycling


From: £6.49 ex. VAT
From: £5.26 ex. VAT ( £6.31 inc. VAT)

  • Colour-coded to allow fast recognition
  • A choice of sizes and materials makes this a versatile option
  • Helps you run an environmentally friendly business

Construction and other building trades tend to produce vast quantities of waste materials, and many of these can be recycled if they're properly sorted. The Waste and Resources Action Programme, or WRAP, is a scheme that encourages businesses to do their bit for the environment by introducing effective recycling procedures, and this sign helps you achieve this more easily.

Using colour-coding in recycling signs helps people to quickly recognise which materials go where. Once staff get used to the colours, it can vastly speed up the process of sorting waste, which makes the whole operation more efficient and helps ensure materials are sorted correctly. This 'building materials' recycling sign is coloured brown, in line with the standard system, to distinguish it from others such as the 'scrap metal' recycling sign, which is coloured grey.

The sign is ideal for use indoors or outdoors, particularly suited to large, busy sites where more waste is generated. For indoor recycling, the Rubbermaid recycling station helps make the process simpler by providing clear places to dispose of your waste.

Our 'building materials' recycling sign has a standard symbol to help illustrate the text in line with other recycling signs and includes the recycling symbol for extra clarity and to promote the importance of reusing materials. It's available in a range of sizes and either rigid plastic or self-adhesive vinyl depending on where you need to display it. The self-adhesive on the vinyl version provides extra convenience, but the rigid plastic option may be a more durable choice for long-term outdoor use. This version lacks self-adhesive but can be fixed in place or displayed using whichever method you choose, including cable ties or stanchions.

When you're sorting waste materials for recycling or disposal, it's vital that you deal with hazardous substances carefully. Our highly visible asbestos sign points people in the direction of a safe disposal area and warns unauthorised personnel to keep away from this dangerous material.

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