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Double-coloured panelled PowerMark ribbons

Create signage or labelling that gets noticed due to coloured inks


From: £145.00 ex. VAT ( £174.00 inc. VAT)
  • Use colour to emphasise the meaning of your label, or to categorise the labelled items
  • Colour combinations have widely recognised meanings such as hazardous or warning
  • Use ribbons in a label maker to create customised signage or labelling

Many people respond instinctively to the colour of a label or signage, even before they've read the accompanying text or symbols. These coloured label maker ribbons allow organisations to produce high quality, customised labels which are colour coded for added clarity. The colours chosen carry an internationally recognised message (yellow and black, for example, frequently signifies a hazard), which can be used to increase worker awareness. The ribbons are available in two alternate sizes for you to select the most appropriate option.

These coloured label ink ribbons are part of our stock of label accessories.

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Brand Brady

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