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Brady Globalmark Metalised Polyester Tapes

Gives your industrial labels an added shiny finish


From: £113.00 ex. VAT ( £135.60 inc. VAT)
  • Ultra-thin tape
  • Tear resistant polyester
  • Coat your labels with a shiny layer

When working in an industrial warehouse, or similar workplace, make sure you have all the right equipment at hand to label and mark a range of products. These metalised tapes are made for the revolutionary Brady Globalmark industrial label maker and can be used when you want to add a shiny top layer to your labels.

The labelling tapes, which are sold in 30-metre-long rolls, are ultra-thin - however, they are designed not to tear. Made from a high quality metalised polyester, the printing tapes are highly durable and will ensure a professional and long-lasting finish to your labels.

Our selection of label-making tapes gives you the freedom to create the customised labels you need. See our full selection of label printers and tapes, to find out the extent of what is possible.

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