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Bollé protective eyewear lens cleaning station in metal or cardboard

A central location for keeping safety glasses in excellent condition


From: £5.05 ex. VAT ( £6.06 inc. VAT)
  • Suitable cleaning products for goggles, glasses and faceshields
  • Station is available in either metal or cardboard
  • Refill items are also available to keep you stocked up

Protective eyewear comes in many shapes and sizes, from simple, lightweight safety glasses to full face shields. The one thing they all have in common, however, is that they're liable to become dirty throughout the day, and that means restricted vision which can lead to difficulty working and a shorter lifespan for the piece of safety equipment. This cleaning station provides staff with a central location where they can always go in order to find products for keeping their lenses clean, clear and in great condition.

The station is available in either metal or cardboard, with the former being suitable for long-term use and the latter ideal for construction sites and other temporary workplaces. Bollé also makes a spectacles dispenser, which provides people with easy access to protective eyewear and can be mounted alongside the cleaning station for a complete safety glasses access point.

This cleaning station comes complete with plenty of soft cleaning tissues and spray to get you started, so it's ready to use as soon as it arrives and there's no need to buy the contents separately. The metal version includes anti-static spray, while the cardboard station has anti-static and anti-fog spray. We also stock refills of the tissues and both kinds of spray, so you can easily make sure you never run out and leave people without a way to keep their protective eyewear clean.

It can easily be mounted to a wall, so people can find it and reach the contents easily. It's ideally situated at the entrance to areas where there's a risk of eye injury so that it reminds people to wear their PPE and keep it in good condition before they start work. Hanging our double-sided sign in the same area ensures people will understand the importance of keeping their eyes protected.

Customer Reviews

100% of customers liked this product

2 years ago

Service: Items were as ordered and arrived in a very timely manner

Product: Hanging holes at back could be more robust, they tear when the tissues or spray cleaner is taken out or put back in

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