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Versatile Bollé Blast Cover Safety Goggles

Highly protective safety goggles also wearable as a face shield.


From: £8.45 ex. VAT ( £10.14 inc. VAT)

  • Incredibly versatile for different scenarios
  • Fits easily and comfortably over prescription glasses
  • Boasts a range of protective features

Finding safety goggles that can be used in a variety of work scenarios is not always easy, but our versatile Bollé blast cover safety goggles are one type that hold unique appeal. As well as being worn as goggles, they can also be used as an effective face shield, with the polycarbonate visor.

It's the flexibility of these goggles that really sets them apart from others. Aside from wearing them as goggles or a face shield, you can choose different lens types according to your protective needs.

The acetate lens is recommended for use in the chemical industry, as it safeguards against contact with acids, while the polycarbonate lens is ideal for protecting against sparks. You can also choose a polycarbonate lens with an airtight fit, to ensure reliable protection against gas and smoke inhalation.

For additional protection and to ensure superior vision, the acetate lens boasts anti-fog properties, while the polycarbonate lens is both anti-fog and scratch resistant.

To maintain the excellent condition of these goggles and to keep them clean, you may wish to consider purchasing our Bollé protective eyewear lens cleaning station.

The beauty of our versatile Bollé blast cover safety goggles is that they can be easily worn over prescription glasses. An adjustable pivoting strap provides a comfortable and secure fit at all times.

These goggles are very comfortable to wear and to ensure you can breathe safely without inhaling hazardous substances, they come with a robust integrated ventilation system. In particular, if you work in dusty or damp environments, these goggles are just the job for safeguarding your respiratory health.

Made from extremely tough materials, these goggles are incredibly durable and can be relied upon to offer you the vital protection, clear visibility and comfort you demand, in different work scenarios.

As part of workplace health and safety compliance, make sure staff or visitors know when or where they need to wear a face shield, with our economical wear face shield signs.

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