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Barricade warning tapes

Barricade tapes available with a range of messages


From: £41.00 ex. VAT ( £49.20 inc. VAT)
  • Highly visible
  • Available in a range of caution messages
  • 305m in length

If there is an area of your workplace or business that is hazardous or dangerous, your staff and visitors should be made aware of its status, and the fact that they cannot enter. Allowing people to enter a potentially hazardous area without such warnings can result in significant danger for the involved party, and it is therefore a legal and moral requirement of the business to ensure that there are sufficient warning signs in place. With our barricade tapes, you can ensure that any staff member or visitor to your site or business is fully aware of the areas that they cannot access, and you are in full compliance with the law.

These highly visible tapes provide an economical way to warn people of potentially hazardous areas and are supplied on handy spools for ease of use, allowing you to quickly and efficiently cordon off an area at a moment's notice. Made from weather-resistant, 0.07mm thick polyethylene, the tapes measure 76mm wide by 305m long, allowing you to cover large areas with ease, and allow the tape and its warnings to remain highly visible. Available with a range of different caution messages, including "CAUTION DO NOT ENTER", "DANGER HIGH VOLTAGE" and "CAUTION MEN AT WORK", there are barricade tapes available for any eventuality.

Like all of our aisle marking and barricade tapes and site safety equipment, these items allow you to work around any problem, safe in the knowledge that visitors and staff will be kept informed of any hazards in a given area. Keep your business compliant with the law before it's too late with SafetyShop's barricade danger warning tapes.

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