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Highly-visible AED defibrillator banner sign

Ensure your AED can be found easily over long distances

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From: £53.99 ex. VAT
From: £49.13 ex. VAT ( £58.96 inc. VAT)
  • Perfect for large sites or outdoor events
  • Easy to fix in place
  • Hard-wearing construction

An AED is an important part of first aid provisions, responsible for saving lives when used effectively by trained personnel. On a work site, or at a large outdoor event such as a music festival, it may not always be immediately obvious where the defibrillator is kept. This large, high-visible banner sign helps people to find it quickly in an emergency.

The sign is large enough to be seen over longer distances, and its immediately recognisable colours and symbol mean that the equipment can be located without delay. The banner is designed for maximum readability from a distance. This banner is built to last, made from robust, high-quality materials. It includes built-in eyelets, so fixing it in place is easy, quick and secure. Once tied, it will stay firmly where it needs to be.

Help people to locate general first aid facilities from far away with our first aid banner.

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