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Large, high-quality smoking area keep tidy banner signs

Help people locate the smoking area and remind them to be tidy


From: £53.99 ex. VAT
From: £49.13 ex. VAT ( £58.96 inc. VAT)
  • Easily secured with its built-in eyelets
  • Visible from long distances
  • Made from high-quality materials

On busy sites and at outdoor events, encouraging people to use a designated smoking area helps contain smoking and adhere to legal requirements. These signs not only allow people to find the smoking area from far away but also include a reminder to keep the area clean and tidy.

Made from strong, high-quality materials, the banner withstands outdoor conditions without becoming easily damaged, faded or weathered. The design includes eyelets which allow the sign to be fixed to posts or buildings easily with various types of ties. The sign's message includes a large cigarette symbol, to help people understand its meaning even at distances where the text is too small to read. This makes it highly effective and reduces the need for many smaller signs to direct people where they need to go.

We stock a large range of cigarette bins and ashtrays suitable for many different applications, to provide a safe and clean disposal point for cigarette butts.

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