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Stackable Red and Grey Plastic Container with Attached Lid and Label Holders

Easy-to-stack resealable plastic containers to carry unit loads between 25-70kg


From: £18.99 ex. VAT ( £22.79 inc. VAT)
  • Integrated sealable lid for secure product handling
  • Moulded from food/pharmaceutical grade HDPE
  • Style No. MGMAT0235 has six drainage holes in the base

When you're looking to transport goods, these robust, high-quality plastic containers are ideal for the job. Able to carry a unit load of between 25kg and 70kg (depending on style), you'll be able to fulfil all your storage needs when using them.

Secure handling is important when transporting items, particularly when you want to protect both what is inside and have extra security for your goods. These red and grey containers have an integrated sealable lid permanently attached, which means you can avoid double handling and loss. They are also particularly strong and, as such, you can stack these containers from five to eight boxes in height. This is particularly important when storage space is at a premium and you need to keep your goods neatly organised.

When empty, you can lift the lid back and store these durable containers together as a nest, reducing space taken up by approximately 75%. This is important for when you're operating in limited environs and additionally when you are seeking to create an organised area while the plastic containers are not in use.

The easy-to-stack containers also feature an integrated label holder, meaning you can add information on the side regarding what each box contains. This is particularly important for keeping on top of your inventory when boxes are stacked together as you can quickly and easily read from the outside what each box contains. Alongside this, these hard-wearing containers have six drainage holes in the base, which helps to protect the goods inside from being damaged by any leakages that may occur from items inside the boxes.

When seeking to transport or store goods in a safe and secure way, these plastic containers are exactly what you require.

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