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Attention Grabbing Air Horn

Alert people in an emergency with a high-decibel air horn


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  • Reaches 110 decibels to be heard by all
  • Light and portable
  • Non-flammable and contains no CFCs

Every business should have a plan to deal with emergencies, whether fire or flood, or any other situation where evacuation of the building might be necessary. Fire marshals are trained to be able to help staff and direct them, as well as to sweep the building as they leave. One thing you can do to enhance their ability to do their job is to make sure they have the right equipment.

In an emergency situation, the ability to quickly get the attention of any staff and members of the public can be vital, and this 300ml can air horn reaches 110 decibels, making it perfect to put in your fire marshal’s kit, ready for practice evacuations or fire drills, and, of course, ready for the real thing if an emergency should happen.

Make sure people know what to do in case of fire with our Fire Action Notice Signs, and ensure they can find their way out of your business premises with our Fire Exit (Running Man & Arrow Right) Signs, available in a variety of sizes and materials.

You can also use this air horn for school sporting events, such as races or football games, or to round up children for the coach on school trips. Other uses include road accidents, construction sites or noisy factory floors.

The air horn is compact and comfortable in the hand, and ideal for use as a short burst alarm to effectively get attention when needed. Just push the trumpet and the alarm will sound at a massive 110 decibels – enough to reach anyone up to 1500m away.

The air horn is CFC free and uses only non-flammable gas, making it both environmentally friendly and safe.

For all the essentials needed by your fire marshalls, browse our Fire Warden Kit which includes a high visibility vest and a variety of equipment to be used in an emergency situation. As well as the air horn, the kit also has whistles, torches, light sticks and a megaphone.

We also have a Complete Fire Warden Kit With Maglite Torch and Megaphone which features a small burns kit, a first aid kit and foil blankets in a red, well-padded bag.

Additional Information

Description Airhorn – 150ml can
Product Description Air Horn
Size 300ml
Specifications / Characteristics Non-flammable CFC-free gas
Supplied in Single unit
Type Range 1500m/110db
Volume 150 ml
Decibels 110

Customer Reviews

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1 year ago

Service: Service was very good and value for money

Product: For Ims we needed these to be carri d out on sites for audits

2 years ago

Service: customer service was excellent and the goods arrived the next day

Product: Excellent

3 years ago

Service: The top didn't fit on and kept on swinging round. And then the horn part broke off like it was superglued on. Rubbish I had to throw this away not happy at all will not be using you again.

Product: Bad

3 years ago

Service: Bad attitude from sales person.Our response: Thank you for your feedback. I apologise for the issue you have had.
I will contact you direct to investigate.
Many Thanks

Product: ok

4 years ago

Service: Very quick and efficient serviceOur response: Thanks so much for your comments. Customer experience and satisfaction is extremely important to us.


Product: Good

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