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ABUS Titalium Rust-Free Padlocks With Extra Long Cylinder

Padlocks with extra-long cylinders are ideal for securing larger locks and property


From: £10.99 ex. VAT ( £13.19 inc. VAT)

  • Paracentric keyway with chrome-plated cylinder
  • Extra strength thanks to hardened steel shackle
  • Anti-pick mushroom pins resistant to tampering

Locks and property of all shapes and sizes must be safely secured at any workplace. These ASUS Titalium padlocks with extra-long cylinders are ideal for securing larger door locks and other property.

The shackle of these security padlocks are made with hardened steel, which prevents tampering and attempts to saw or cut. The five-pin tumbler cylinders also feature anti-pick mushroom pins – a further deterrent for thieves. For extra durability, these high-strength padlocks have chrome plated cylinder cores, making them fully resistant to erosion, rust and harsh conditions.

We stock a range of padlocks to suit different security needs. Our colour-coded padlocks are ideal for when multiple items need to be secured within the same vicinity.

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Brand ABUS

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