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ABUS hardened steel security chain with protective sleeve

A strong, weather-resistant chain that won't damage assets


From: £19.99 ex. VAT ( £23.99 inc. VAT)

  • Resistant to various types of cutting attempts
  • Sleeve protects chain from weather and stops it from damaging equipment
  • Extremely durable construction

Using a chain to secure gates, doors, machinery and other equipment helps prevent theft and keep your business safe. Some chains may act as an effective deterrent, but won't keep out a determined thief, as they can easily be cut or otherwise damaged, rendering them ineffective.

This square link security chain offers extremely high resistance to attacks, either from attempts to saw through it or cut it with bolt cutters. Thanks to the durable hardened steel material, it withstands very high amounts of cutting force and will stop the vast majority of attempts to damage it.

The chain comes complete with a protective sleeve, which serves a dual purpose. First, it protects the chain from the weather, keeping it in great condition and preventing rust and corrosion. Secondly, it stops the chain from damaging equipment it is attached to by covering it with a soft surface.

Use with our high security titanium padlock for ultimate peace of mind.

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