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Innovative half-mask respirator

Reusable half-mask that offers unrivalled respiratory protection.


From: £15.30 ex. VAT ( £18.36 inc. VAT)
  • Lightweight
  • Resalable bag provided
  • Simple construction

Respiratory health and protection are assured with the 3M 4000 series respirators. The masks are available in three types and all offer unrivalled performance and quality. They are designed to offer comfort and protection against gases, vapours and particles.

There are three versions of respirator available. The A1P2 and A2P3 are respirators that offer protection from organic vapour and particles, while the ABEK1P3 offers protection from organic or inorganic vapour and acid gas.

The respirators conform to European Standard EN405 for valved filtering half mask respirators and have been thoroughly tested for face fit, flammability, breathing resistance and filter performance.

The respirator’s low profile and lightweight face piece offers comfort and increased peripheral vision to users. It is also made of soft, non-allergic material and so provides comfort, even through periods of sustained use. Adding to this comfort is an effective exhalation valve that is located on the side of the mask. This quickly removes any heat and moisture that builds up inside the mouth piece. The low profile and comfortable wear also makes the respirators easy to use with safety goggles and ear defenders.

The respirators are highly cost-effective as the single piece construction means that no time is needed to construct the respirators and they are also less prone to assembly error.

The masks are also supplied in individual hermetically sealed foil bags which prolongs their shelf life after purchase. Furthermore, the bags are resealable, making it easy to keep the masks safe and clean between use.

The respirators are made from a multitude of materials including natural rubber, activated carbon and polypropylene. The materials are used together with innovative design to offer one of the best performing half mask respirators on the market.

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