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Secure metal fire extinguisher cabinets

Robust, scratch-resistant metal fire extinguisher cabinets with tamper-evident seal closure.


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  • Secure, tamper-evident closure
  • Clear front panel for easy viewing
  • Suitable for floor- and wall-mounting

Keep fire extinguishers safely stored away to avoid them being tampered with by using our metal fire extinguisher cabinets. The secure cabinets ensure that you can rely on fully working fire extinguishers in the event of an emergency. If the seal to the door is broken, you immediately know that the extinguisher has been tampered with and is, in effect, rendered useless in an emergency situation.

The metal fire extinguisher cabinets have a robust design, being made from galvanised steel. They feature a polyester powder-coated finish, which is scratch-resistant. Instead of sharp edges, the cabinets are designed with rounded corners for enhanced safety. The cabinets have full internal ventilation and feature a weather protection seal made from rubber.

To operate the tamper-evident seal closure, a pull-tight seal is simply looped through the holes. This secures the cabinets until such time as the extinguishers are needed. Our pull-tight seals are made from tamper-proof polypropylene. They are available in packs of 1,000 security seals and you can choose between the colours of red, yellow, blue and green.

Despite the need to be stored securely, the location of the fire extinguishers must be clearly visible at all times so the cabinets are coloured bright red for high visibility. The universally recognised symbol for a fire extinguisher is displayed on the front of each cabinet in white. You can also display our fire extinguisher (symbol and flames) projecting 3D signs for a more prominent way of notifying employees and visitors as to where the fire extinguishers are located.

For quick and easy inspection purposes, each cabinet has a front panel made from clear acrylic, allowing the extinguishers inside to be viewed at a glance. The metal fire extinguisher cabinets are ideal for floor mounting or wall mounting. Numerous sizes are available to fit different capacity extinguishers. These include 1 x 2kg CO2, 1 x 6kg, 1 x 9kg, 2 x 6kg, 2 x 9kg and 3 x 9kg.

For replacement fire extinguishers, use our carbon dioxide fire extinguishers and AFFF foam fire extinguishers. Our range of fire extinguishers also includes wet chemical fire extinguishers and ABC powder fire extinguishers for different working environments.

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2 years ago

Service: We recently purchased some fire boxes for storing our extinguishers along with some fire extinguisher signage. we have not yet recieved the signage and the two fire box were damaged. I contacted safety shop to request they be taken back and an alternative sent. To date we are still waiting for this to happen.Our response: Thank you for your feedback. Having investigated we understand that you contacted us on the Afternoon of the 13th of January to discuss the issues raised above. Firstly may we once again apologise that the cabinets arrived damaged. Having looked into this, the cabinets come directly from the manufacturer, and the operative dealing with your enquiry spoke with them, and emailed you the following day with an update; asking when would be suitable for the collection. Unfortunately as we had not yet heard back from you, the collection was yet to be confirmed. We understand that you have again been contacted this Morning, and a collection has now been confirmed for you. In regards to the signs, we can see they were despatched the same day that the order was placed, and delivered the following day. We are advised that a proof of delivery has been provided to assist you in locating the goods at your end. Should you wish to discuss any aspect of your enquiry in any further detail, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Product: Faulty when delivered and still waiting for these to be taken back.

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