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Triangular pictogram corrosive symbol sign

Bold, universal sign to warn visitors and staff about corrosive chemicals.

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£1.70 ex. VAT
£1.55 ex. VAT ( £1.86 inc. VAT)
  • Universal application
  • Conforms to BS 5499
  • 125 x 125mm self-adhesive vinyl sign.

Hazard warning signs and pictograms are there to alert visitors and staff alike to the presence of a hazardous chemical. The widely recognised symbols indicate that the chemicals that are being handled or used may cause harm to people or to the environment. One or more pictograms may appear on the labelling of a single chemical, depending on the types of risks it poses. These corrosive symbol hazard signs offer a prominent visual reminder in the workplace of the presence of corrosive chemicals, prompting your staff to follow the correct handling processes and procedures to keep them and their working environment as safe as possible.

The corrosive chemicals hazard symbol indicates that substances present in the workplace have the potential to attack and destroy living tissues, such as skin and eyes. The symbol depicts liquid dripping on to hands in black on a bright yellow background. Concentrated solutions of strong acids (such as sulphuric acid) or strong alkalis (such as sodium hydroxide) are labelled in this way. In accordance with your workplace's chemical handling procedures and policies, and depending on the known strength of the chemicals present, anyone using a corrosive substance should wear gloves and eye protection (such as goggles or a face shield).

The Health & Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996 say that these kinds of hazard signs must be displayed to warn those in the immediate environment to be careful or to take precautions where risks are posed. Made from strong, self-adhesive vinyl, these corrosive symbol signs can be positioned wherever you need them, but can only be used indoors. Conforming to British Standard 5499, they are 125 x 125mm in size - a standard sign size designed to promote prominence within a busy workplace. Using the easily seen bright yellow triangle with the bold and distinctive black corrosion symbol and black outer edging makes them even more effective.

Do you have other types of chemicals present? We also supply a variety of different chemical warning signs to cover all of your workplace needs.

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