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Lightweight Workgate Barriers

Highly mobile and easy to erect reflective Workgate Barriers

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From: £94.65 ex. VAT
From: £86.13 ex. VAT ( £103.36 inc. VAT)

  • Compact and light for easy handling and storage
  • Easy-clip hinges for quick assembly
  • Reflective top panel for visibility

There are many situations where you might require a form of barrier to keep pedestrians, customers or employees safely away from an area. From construction locations to events and areas off-limits due to health and safety concerns, you can ensure that people do not enter with one of our highly versatile Workgate Barriers.

These Workgate Barriers offer an affordable and effective way to cordon off an area. Made from a bright red plastic, these Workgate Barriers feature a reflective top panel – making them clearly visible by both day and night, as well as in adverse weather conditions. The reflective top panel also complies to BS EN873 standards – ensuring that you meet all required safety regulations.

These Workgate Barriers are made from a very lightweight yet highly durable material. Designed for easy handling and storage, the Workgate Barriers can be quickly moved and relocated to wherever you require. They are also incredibly simple to erect and link together – with black clip hinges at both the top and the bottom. Once linked, you can fold and unfold the Workgate Barriers quickly and easily for a highly efficient barrier.

In order to ensure that our lightweight Workgate Barriers remain fixed in outdoor situations or during windy weather conditions, we recommend purchasing our sturdy Workgate Barrier Base Units, which effectively stop the Workgate Barriers from blowing over. These base units also help to keep the Workgate Barriers in a fixed straight line for uniformity in situations such as crowd queues.

In circumstances where you require a barrier which is quickly retractable - such as a temporary health or safety hazard, or an event which will last for a limited period of time - our Skipper™ Retractable Barrier Unit offers the perfect solution. Each barrier unit contains highly visible retractable vinyl tape and can be attached to the top of any traffic cone, used with the Skipper™ Post and Base, or attached to a wall. This retractable barrier unit is particularly helpful for temporary traffic control situations.

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