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Wolf ATEX Angled or Straight Safety Torch in Halogen, Vacuum Filament or Xenon

A tough, safe and extremely effective tool for low-light working


From: £34.99 ex. VAT ( £41.99 inc. VAT)
  • Choose your own custom set-up to fit your needs perfectly
  • Highly visible yellow body helps prevent the torch from being misplaced
  • Follows the ATEX legislation, making it safe for use in potentially explosive environments

A portable light source is an essential tool for anyone who may need to work in dark conditions. In situations where work may need to be carried out in potentially explosive conditions, the torch you use must comply with the ATEX regulations so you can ensure its safety. This Wolf ATEX torch is designed to be safe for explosive environments, so you can carry out the work you need to do without worrying that it will create extra hazards.

The torch is available in several different versions, depending on your preferences. It can be ordered with a halogen, vacuum filament or xenon bulb, so you can select the right one for the situation it will be used in. It also comes in either a straight or right-angled version, which helps you get the most efficient performance from it depending on what sort of work needs to be done. If you don't need the output of a torch this size, or you're concerned about portability, we also stock a Wolf ATEX mini torch that can be carried more easily but it also safe for the same type of conditions.

This torch comes complete with a wrist strap to keep it safe and prevent drops. It's designed with a comfortable ergonomic grip that makes operation simple even when wearing gloves, and a belt ring and spare bulb are also included. This version is battery-powered, so you can keep it running by carrying spares. There's also a rechargeable version available, which is more convenient for those who don't wish to carry extra equipment.

Its bright yellow body makes this torch easy to hang onto and difficult to lose, and its impact-resistant design and shatterproof polycarbonate lens are effective even at temperatures below freezing. It's reliable and safe to use in extreme conditions, letting you see clearly to carry out important tasks.

For working in wet conditions, our waterproof safety torch helps you maintain excellent vision and won't be damaged by water.

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