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Non-spark ATEX Micro and Mini Safety Torches

Wolf-brand torches safe for working in an explosive atmosphere


From: £23.99 ex. VAT ( £28.79 inc. VAT)

  • ATEX 94/9/EC directive compliant
  • Batteries supplied
  • Water and dust proof

These lightweight and pocket-sized mini or micro safety torches are ATEX rated and perfect for working in an explosive atmosphere.

In certain industries, such as pharmaceuticals, recycling, mines, paint shops and even the food industry, the production process can produce a flammable mixture of powder, dust, gas, mists or vapour mixed with air. In enough concentrations, the atmosphere can be potentially explosive, only needing a single spark to ignite the flammable mixture present in the room.

The 94/9/EC directive is where ATEX gets its name from – from the French ‘Appareils destinés à être utilisés en ATmosphères EXplosibles.’ The ATEX directive puts the legal onus on the employer to make sure that any electrical equipment issued to staff working in an explosive atmosphere is safe.

You can buy light switches and other electrical equipment, which cannot produce a spark when you switch them on or off, anti-static clothing and footwear, ladders which are ATEX rated, so you don’t get even the chance of a spark when you move them across the floor or extend them out - all of these things designed to prevent any possibility of an explosion and keep staff safe while they are working.

When selecting items for explosive atmospheres, it is critical to choose based on the ATEX Zone, Gas Group and Temperature Class, and also on how long the task will take, wet or harsh conditions and even the amount and type of light needed to complete the work.

The ATEX rated safety torches are impact resistant and have a pen-style clip to keep in your shirt or jacket pocket. They fit comfortably in your hand with their ergonomic design. They are both water and dust-proof and have a switch protection shroud to prevent sparks.

Ensure you have the correct signage for your ATEX Zones with our Danger Explosive Atmosphere - Atex Category 1 Signs, our Danger Explosive Atmosphere - Atex Category 2 Signs, or our Danger Explosive Atmosphere - Atex Category 3 Signs, available in three different size and materials.

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