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Wide base cargo stairclimber for rough terrain

A tough sack truck for use on stairs


£160.00 ex. VAT ( £192.00 inc. VAT)
  • Easily transport heavy items
  • 3-star wheel system for use on stairs
  • Holds 50kg on stairs, 150kg max

Transporting goods on stairs can be tricky, but this handy sack truck features a clever wheel system that can handle steps easy. The 3-star wheel arrangement can travel up most stairs easily, and it can hold up to 50kg while in the tipped position. As a standard sack truck for flat ground, it can carry up to 150kg. The concave bars at the back prevent injury to the user, and the sturdy steel design is extremely resistant to corrosion and wear. The tough wheels can handle hard, rough floors and the overall frame is sturdy and easy to move.

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Additional Information

Description Wide Base Rough Terrain Stairclimber
Size 1160 x 605 mm
Supplied in Single

Customer Reviews

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8 years ago

Service: The only down side is for the order i have received to many invoices. I would have liked just the one for all items and not 50 for each delievery

Product: Good

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