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Black Wet Erase Wet Wipe Marker Pens

Multipurpose pens with ink that wipes clean with wet cloth


£17.99 ex. VAT ( £21.59 inc. VAT)
  • Pack of five black pens
  • Once dry, ink can be removed with damp cloth
  • Accidental casual contact will not erase ink

These multipurpose wet erase pens are a brilliant essential for offices, classrooms, warehouses or factories which require temporary markers for whiteboards. Unlike dry erase pens, the ink from these pens cannot be wiped away easily and therefore holds up incredibly well against casual contact. Important information won't accidentally be erased if an individual brushes up against the whiteboard.

When the time comes to erase the ink, users can simply dampen a cloth and wipe the marker pen away. Once the whiteboard has dried, it is ready to be used with the wet wipe markers once again. Wet erase pens are particularly useful for environments in which crucial yet changeable information - such as rotas, sales targets, reminders or schedules - needs to be displayed on a temporary basis. The ink is durable enough that the information won't accidentally be lost, but the whiteboard can easily be cleaned and reused when necessary.

Wet wipe marker pens are also handy for use on whiteboards which are located in busy areas, such as lobbies, meeting rooms or corridors. In these high traffic areas, it is not unusual for people to accidentally brush past a whiteboard and rub off dry erase ink, which not only results in loss of information, but could also result in them staining their clothes. Dry erase ink is an excellent solution, and this five-pack of black pens is a must-have essential, particularly when combined with a magnetic pen holder which provides handy storage.

Additional Information

Colour(s) Black
Description Pack of 5
Supplied in Pack of 5

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