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High Performing Weigh Scale Pallet Truck

Weigh Scale Pallet Truck with 2,000kg load capacity and top quality scale meter


£1,710.00 ex. VAT ( £2,052.00 inc. VAT)

  • Top quality scale meter and sensor with high contrast display
  • Water and dust proof to IP65
  • High battery autonomy with 70 hours of use

This Weigh Scale Pallet Truck is ideal for lifting and transporting anything from crates to heavyweight items such as vending machines and appliances. Its top quality scale meter and sensor ensures a weighing accuracy of +/- 0.10% for up to 2,000kg. This makes it perfect for use in warehouses and other places of work to transport heavy items quickly and easily.

Built with safety and user comfort in mind, the Weigh Scale Pallet Truck features top quality polyurethane wheels and rollers to reduce vibration and ensure loads can be transported smoothly. The ergonomic handle makes this product comfortable to use with or without gloves.

Designed to be long lasting and durable, the pallet truck scale and sensor are water and dust proof to IP65 standards and have a high battery autonomy with 70 hours of use. It also boasts a brake much like that of a bicycle - easy to use and hard wearing.

We also sell Plastic Pallet Boxes which help to restrain items while moving and storing.

The Weigh Scale Pallet Truck comes in two different sizes, so you can ensure you purchase the right one for your needs. Its red finish makes it both aesthetically appealing and improves the safety of this easily visible product. We are proud to offer an on-site 12 month parts and labour warranty on this product, so you can rest assured that solid after care is in place.

For lighter loads we also provide Economy Sack Trucks which are ideal in warehouse or office spaces to protect your staff from potential injuries associated with heavy lifting.

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