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Professional Water Jel Complete Burns First Aid Kit with Guidance Leaflet

The burn treatment system used by most fire and ambulance services


From: £43.90 ex. VAT
From: £21.95 ex. VAT ( £26.34 inc. VAT)

  • Patented dressing that's twice as effective as other burn treatment brands
  • Bacteriostatic properties minimise the risk of wounds becoming infected
  • Complemented by a full kit of accessories and other treatments

While first aid supplies are an essential item for any business to have so that they can treat injuries quickly, it's important that they're specialised enough to deal with any specific risks that may occur, depending on the type of work carried out. With burns, this means first aid supplies that are designed to cool, soothe and protect the area of the injury, and Water Jel is one of the best products out there for doing this effectively.

As the treatment of choice for many fire and ambulance services, you can be sure of its outstanding performance. Water Jel has been clinically proven to be 80 percent more effective than all other gel-based dressings for burns, so its effectiveness is assured. Displaying one of our first aid for burns posters near to where this kit is located ensures people with or without first aid training can find information quickly if there's a burn injury.

Water Jel is a patented type of dressing, with no adherent and a larger quantity of cooling gel for faster, stronger treatment. The gel is formulated specifically to stops burns spreading and becoming worse, making long-term healing more effective. It's safe to use on burns of any degree, so it's useful to have in your first aid supplies for treating a wide range of heat injuries.

In addition to the Water Jel dressings, the kit contains disposable gloves, bandages, safety pins and other accessories to help you carry out treatments, plus a guidance leaflet with essential information. The medium version also has clothing cutters and larger dressings.

As burns are an extremely likely injury in kitchens, our deluxe catering first aid kits are useful for keeping in food areas and make an excellent companion to these Water Jel kits, giving you a complete set of medical tools for dealing reliably with burns.

For a more compact product that can be used as a quick treatment for less serious injuries, our burn relief spray is highly portable and can be used by anyone, trained or not.

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2 years ago

Service: Excellent, as always.

Product: Have used before; this one is for our catering department.

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Service: Excellent service, slick and efficient.Our response: Thank you for spending the time to fill this in. Customer experience and satisfaction are extremely important to us.


Product: Good

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