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Effective Water Additive Class A Fire Extinguishers

Help fight fires on wood, paper and textiles


From: £46.99 ex. VAT ( £56.39 inc. VAT)

  • 30% more effective than water fire extinguishers
  • Supplied fully charged, with easy-mount brackets
  • Five-year warranty

Few things are more important to your health and safety precautions than having high-quality, dependable fire extinguishers readily available in case of an emergency. Should the unthinkable happen and a fire break out, you want to ensure you have the correct equipment to quickly and efficiently deal with the incident so long as it is safe to do so. When a fire gets out of control it can cause untold damage to your property, and potentially also to your health and that of your clients, visitors, and staff. However, the manner in which you combat a fire is entirely dependent upon the source of the blaze and nature of the materials burning.

Using the wrong fire extinguisher can be as devastating as failing to have an extinguisher on hand. For that reason, we offer a range of fire extinguishers specially designed to combat various types of fires. These water additive fire extinguishers have been specifically developed for use on Class A fires. A Class A fire is any fire that involves the combustion of paper, wood, textiles, and other similar high-risk Class A materials. These materials are exactly the sort of items found in abundance in offices, retail stocks rooms, and other commercial and work premises, where furniture is predominately made of wood and there are large quantities of paper and textile items on-site. However, it also features a safety spray nozzle in case of accidentally aiming at live electrics. What's more, it is BSI Kitemarked, BAFE approved and CE marked for ultimate health and safety compliance.

Our water additive fire extinguishers are 30% more effective than standard water fire extinguishers and come fully charged. They are supplied with wall mounting brackets for keeping on hand without causing a tripping hazard and can be bought in three and six-litre sizes. The larger extinguishers are ideal for mounting on the walls of hallways to ensure they are easily accessible to all rooms on the floor. Smaller extinguishers are perfect for keeping tucked in a cupboard, or under a desk, to swiftly and effectively contain minor fires. The colour-coded red handles on the extinguishers allow them to be easily identified as suitable for use on Class A fires.

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